Editorial Policy

About the Author and Editor

Wayfaring Weddings is a place where I, Brittany, share my personal experiences and research about planning an affordable and eco-friendly wedding. I produce all content myself as the sole author and editor on this website, and vet all sources cited.

It is important to me that all information that I share on this website and all information that I source, be correct, legitimate, and helpful to my readers. I do this by conducting in-depth research, as well as relying on my own expertise as a person planning a wedding, and as someone with corporate event planning experience.

What Sources I Cite on This Website

I cite legitimate sources only, that are pillars in the industry and that have proven to produce quality content.

All articles that I cite must contain evidence of expertise or personal experience. When citing articles on Wayfaring Weddings, the following items are kept in mind:

Professional experience: Is the author of the article a professional wedding planner or vendor?
Personal experience: Has the author of the article gotten married or planned a wedding themselves? Or are they in the process of planning a wedding?

Many of my articles on Wayfaring Weddings will include sources cited, either within the text of the article, or at the bottom of the post, leading the reader to discover more about the issue.

Photos on This Website

Photos: As much as possible, I use my own photos or photos of my friends and colleagues on this website. These photos are credited as appropriate. I do also include stock photos from various stock photo websites when necessary.