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20 LAST MINUTE “Something Borrowed” Ideas for Your Wedding

Oh no — you waited until the last minute to find your “something borrowed, something blue” and now your big day is right around the corner, or even today! Don’t worry!

This list of unique last minute “something borrowed” ideas has come to your rescue. Get ready to ask around the room, shoot off some quick texts, and find that perfect something borrowed item to carry with you down the aisle.

In need of something blue as well? I have another list of last minute something blue ideas here!

#1 A Favorite Quote on the Bottom of your Wedding Shoes

Getting ready with your bridesmaids or friends? Quickly ask around whether anyone has a favorite quote that they love (or use my list of 50 short love quotes). Hopefully it’s something romantic, uplifting, and about the power of love — but almost anything positive will do in a pinch!

Hand them a pen and your wedding shoes and ask them to write it on the bottom! You’ll be “borrowing” their favorite quote literally every step of your wedding day 🙂 To make it prettier, it would be even better if someone happens to have a finepoint gold or silver Sharpie on them, and use that instead.

Remember to take a photo before walking around in them because while the quote will be with you in your heart, it’s not going to last on the bottom of your shoe after a night of dancing!

#2 A Lucky Coin

SOMEONE is bound to have a coin on them — a lucky penny would be nice, but it doesn’t have to be a penny (or lucky!). Ask someone close to you if they happen to have a coin on them that you can “borrow.”

Then, if you want to make it special, perform a quick “ritual” to make it “lucky” — Hold the coin in your fist, with your friend’s hands on yours, and have your friend say something like, “Today I am lending you this token of my love for you, to bring you luck and prosperity on your special day and all days going forward in your new married life.”

Keep the coin in your shoe, bra, purse, hot glue it to your bouquet (why not?!), or ask your friend to hold onto it during the ceremony!

#3 A Wallet-Sized Photo

Most of us no longer keep physical photos on us (why would we when we can keep thousands of pictures on our phones?!), but some people — especially older folks — do still keep a photo or two physically with them in their wallets. It might be very sweet and special to carry a wallet-sized photo of your niece or nephew, or maybe even a picture of your parents when they were young and getting married!

Ask your parents or someone close to you if they happen to have a small photo with them that you can borrow. You can keep it will you in your purse, inside your phone case, wedged into your bouquet, or if you have more time — sewn safety into a section of your dress train.

#4 A Love Song

Yes, you can borrow a song! Why not? Ask your parents or friends what their “song” is — many couples have a song that is special to them — and then ask if you can “borrow” it. You can either play the instrumental version during your ceremony (for the processional, recessional, or just to have playing as guests enter), or you can make it your first dance song with your partner!

#5 Favorite Song Lyrics

“What’s your favorite romantic song?” Ask this question to your close friends and family right now! Look up the lyrics and look for a line that stands out to you. That’s your something borrowed! Write it on a small piece of paper and carry it with you in your purse, shoe, bouquet, etc.

If the piece of paper isn’t completely destroyed afterward, frame it or put it in your wedding scrapbook! Alternatively, you don’t have to write it down at all. You can make these borrowed lyrics part of your vows!

#6 A Favorite Poem

If your friends or family members have a favorite love poem, this is a perfect item to “borrow.” If they need some inspiration or help remembering their favorite poem, I have a list of really beautiful short ones on this list.

If you’re really strapped for time, you can do the same thing as the song lyrics up above: write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you, or use it in your vows or as a wedding reading. If you have a bit more time, you could have the poem printed and placed at table settings, or printed onto the back of your wedding program

#7 A Piece of Lace or String

Everyone is sure to be dressed beautifully and ready to go — Now, does anyone happen to have a loose piece of string hanging from their hem? Ask your bridesmaids to take a peek! You can “borrow” a piece of string from the dress of someone you love, and tie it into your bouquet.

Other places you might want to put it: Tie it around your wrist, finger, ankle, in your hair, or just place it in your purse!

#8 A Traditional Toast or Blessing

Use a traditional toast or blessing from your country, culture, or family that is “borrowed from the ancestors.”

Maybe there’s an old family saying or proverb that you could use. Ask your older family members if they know of one. Or do a google search! Then ask someone you love to give this toast/blessing either during your ceremony or at your reception.

#9 The Best Marriage Advice

I LOVE this one and it requires a bit of crowdsourcing. You’re going to “borrow” everyone’s best bit of advice for a happy and successful marriage.

Quickly pass around a piece of paper and a pen and ask everyone present to write down their “best marriage advice.” Or if you want to do it even faster, give everyone their own little scrap of paper.

Collect them and roll them up, tie a little ribbon around them and keep them nestled in your bouquet for your wedding. And then later, you have the sweetest (and most useful) keepsake.

#10 A Flower from a Loved One

This one is perhaps the easiest on the list: Pluck a flower from one of your bridesmaid’s bouquets and place it in yours!

If you’re concerned that this doesn’t seem special enough, you can perform a short “ritual” much like the coin ritual in #2 on this list. Hold the stem of the flower, the two of you together, and ask your friend to say, “I’m lending you this flower as a symbol of how much you mean to me on your special day. Carry it with you and may it bring you luck, light, and love.”

You can keep this flower after your wedding, and dry it upside down or flattened to put in your wedding album!

#11 A Child’s Toy

Is there a child present at your wedding — maybe a niece who’s going to be your flower girl? Ask her parents if you can take a look at her toys. I know… it sounds weird. But you might find something cute, such as a little plastic animal, that you can tie to your bouquet. In this case, you really better “borrow” it and not keep it, or you might have an upset little person on your hands!

#12 A Hair Clip or Bobby Pin

Quick, you’re about to walk down the aisle and need a “something borrowed” — Ask your mom or maid of honor to pull out a bobby pin for you, and then stick it in your hair!

It doesn’t get any quicker, easier, or more last minute than this option! You don’t have to go all out or spend a ton of money (or even plan very well) to maintain a fun tradition.

#13 A Cigar Band

When my dad proposed to my mom about 40 years ago (!!), he did it with a paper cigar band, because they were young, in love, and had no money!

You can use this same idea for your something borrowed. Often at a wedding, someone will have cigars on hand for a celebratory moment. Ask around — I know I would personally ask my dad, brothers, or maybe my partner’s friends if anyone happened to have a cigar that I could “borrow” the paper band from.

You can then wear it as a ring (I mean, it might not be the most beautiful idea, but you could do it!) or put it on your bouquet.

#14 Your Mom’s Favorite Tea

…or the favorite tea of anyone that you love! It might take some asking around, and will depend how last minute we’re talking here, but try to locate a tea bag of your mom’s (or friend’s, or whoever’s) favorite tea!

If you’re getting married at a hotel venue or even if your own backyard, this should be doable. Then attach it to your bouquet or open the tea bag and sprinkle in it a bit of it — it will smell nice and you’ll be reminded of your mom! I personally would probably use this idea myself because my mom is such a tea person.

#15 A Nip of Favorite Alcohol

My fun, sweet grandfather was a big fan of gin and tonic and they always make me think of him. I think a nice something borrowed idea would be to tie a nip (one of those tiny bottles) of gin with a bit of lace to my bouquet. I would feel like he was walking down the aisle with me and encouraging me to have a blast!

You could do the same thing if there’s a particular type of alcohol that reminds you of someone you love!

#16 Switch Shoes!

Have zero time and the same shoe size as one of your bridesmaids? Switch shoes! Shoes are easy enough to borrow, and carry a special symbolic meaning of your bridesmaid walking “with” you throughout your wedding day.

#17 A Piece of Jewelry

OKAY this one isn’t the most unique but it’s a classic and deserves to be mentioned. And while you could choose to borrow a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, etc., a piece of jewelry that has “built-in” meaning without having to be special already is a WATCH.

A watch symbolizes the need to always remember that life is short, time is precious, and to move forward with love. Ask someone you love if you can borrow their watch and if it doesn’t fit or go with what you’re wearing, consider wrapping it around your bouquet.

#18 Your Loved One’s Favorite takeout FOOD

You are going to “borrow” the phone number of a loved one’s favorite takeout restaurant — write it down and keep it rolled up, tucked away in your bouquet. Keep it after your wedding and use it to order takeout when you and your fiancé have a particularly rough day!

#19 Lipstick Color

You don’t have to use the same lipstick exactly if this doesn’t seem sanitary! You can use a lip brush or a Q-tip. Choose a lipstick color from someone getting ready with you — someone who you love and someone whose lip color you love! This is a really easy thing to borrow, and having the same lip color on your special day may make you feel even closer!

The same idea applies to something like eye shadow color, or a bit of blush, if you prefer.

#20 A Favorite Scent or Perfume

The sense of smell is so powerful and can bring us back to a moment we thought we’d forgotten. Borrow a spray of perfume from someone you love to wear on your wedding day. Or spritz it into your bouquet. This could also be a cologne, maybe from your father — a smell that reminds you of him.

Other ideas might be to use a soap smell, flower scent, or herbal smell that reminds you of someone you love.

THAT’S IT! I hope one that you can use one of these last minute ideas in your wedding!! GOOD LUCK! 🙂


Brittany is a writer and teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She started the website Wayfaring Weddings as a way to share her research on affordable, eco-friendly, and less stressful approaches to wedding planning.