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Last Minute ‘Something Blue’ Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you superstitious and in a panic?! Forgot your ‘something blue’ and it’s the eleventh hour, right before or the day OF your wedding?! It’s an old tradition that many of us still like to adhere to – and who doesn’t need a little extra luck after all?

However, you have probably been VERY busy and your ‘something blue’ plans may have fallen through the cracks. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay!! There’s always time for a little last-minute luck.

Here are some ‘something blue’ ideas that you can put together right before walking down the aisle. Some of them require a bit more prep than others, but most are very easy!

#1 Write something with a blue pen (or Sharpie) on the bottom of your shoes

You can ask your bridesmaids or a family member close to you to write a message on the bottom of your shoes with a blue pen or sharpie.

Or, you can write your own message to yourself. Either a wish for the day or a quote that you really like. It’s blue, meaningful, and simple. You just need to find someone with a blue pen!

Don’t worry about the messages getting worn off and smudged. It’s fine, and normal. This idea is designed to last for the moment and to be a gesture, not a keepsake. So take a photo before you wear them, and just relax 🙂

#2 Make a blue paper crane to hold or display

The Japanese call the crane the “bird of happiness” – how perfect for a wedding! Do you know how to make an origami crane OR ANY origami? Does someone in your wedding party know how to make one? Ask around. Then, make one with blue paper, or make one with white paper and color it blue (or add blue accents) with a pen/pencil/marker.

This paper crane or alternative can be added to your bouquet, placed on the table or altar where you’ll get married, or pinned to the lapel or dress of a wedding party member. You could even write a message on the paper before folding it into a crane to make it more meaningful.

Another take on this is to fold an origami BOW TIE for the ring bearer!

If you have a bit more time, consider teaching your wedding party how to make them and have a little folding workshop as you’re getting ready together 🙂

#3 Dog in your wedding? Add a blue strip of material or ribbon.

If you were planning on having your dog (or cat?!) in your wedding as a ring bearer or adorable attendant, consider adding a last-minute homemade blue ribbon to his/her collar.

This can be an old blue T-shirt, sweater, towel, bandanna, table cloth, Christmas present ribbon, etc. Any blue material that you can cut in a strip and tie in a bow will work.

This could also be added to the hair of any children in your wedding – last minute hair bows made out of scratch blue material!

#4 Is there zero blue in your color scheme? PAINT one random thing blue.

Okay, don’t have any blue paint lying around? Bring back that Sharpie! Paint or color in one random object from your wedding decor (or ask a bridesmaid to kindly do it for you). It will pop out among your purple or fall or pink or whatever color scheme you have going and serve as an obvious nod to the traditional ‘something blue.’

Remember that your ‘something blue’ doesn’t have to be ON you. It can be carried or worn by someone else in your wedding party, by the groom, or part of the surrounding decor.

#5 Paint your own finger nails or toe nails blue!

Ask around your wedding party and family members for blue nail polish! Don’t forget to ask the younger members of your family 🙂 You never know who has a handy bottle of blue nail polish stashed away.

Paint your toes or finger nails blue, or if you already have your nails done, consider doing one accent nail. It will save precious time!

If you don’t feel that blue goes well with your look, ask your bridesmaids or flower girls (or groomsmen!) if they would like to have their finger or toe nails painted blue.

#6 Ask around for small blue toys and get crafty

If you have small children or parents attending your wedding or in your wedding party, ask if anyone has a small toy handy – such as a car, doll, block, or Lego piece, that they don’t mind you borrowing (and potentially altering with glue and/or paint!).

If it has blue in it, all the better. If not, consider painting it blue or adding blue with a Sharpie (permanent marker will really come in handy for many of these tips!!). Add this little toy to your bouquet with hot glue or tie it in with ribbon. Alternatively, place the toy on your wedding altar or table next to candles and flowers 🙂

It’s a cute little playful touch that is even a nod to growing your future family, if you’re planning on having children!


Brittany is a writer and teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She started the website Wayfaring Weddings as a way to share her research on affordable, eco-friendly, and less stressful approaches to wedding planning.