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25 Eco-Friendly & Conflict-Free Wedding Ring Companies

Couples aware of many of the problems of traditional wedding ring options are now looking for something different. Something more earth-friendly to represent their love and marriage commitment. And I’m with them.

Below I have created a list of 25 eco-friendly and conflict-free wedding ring companies to help guide you in your search for the perfect wedding ring. By choosing an eco-friendly and conflict-free ring, you can look down at your hand with love, knowing that it was sourced as earth-friendly and ethically as possible.

‘Conflict diamonds’ and jewelry that is created with destructive effects on the environment have caused so much grief in the past, and sadly it continues today. I’ve written another in-depth post on the eco-friendliness of lab-created diamonds versus diamonds mined from the Earth and I strongly suggest you take a look at it to get a better idea of this situation.

No new piece of jewelry, wherein the stone or the metal itself must be created or mined, is truly ‘eco-friendly.’ The only true eco-friendly option is to wear a wedding ring that is used or secondhand, or that has been created from secondhand pieces. Basically, recycled jewelry is the best way to go to be earth-friendly.

Any other option, including lab-grown diamonds, require a great deal of non-renewable energy to create and so can’t be considered eco-friendly in the strictest sense of the word. Even our precious metals, such as gold and silver, when new, are destructive to the environment as they come from dirty mining processes that harm the land and water.

Having said all of this, I know that some couples just want to have their own, new rings, or new diamonds. And there are ways to make sure these new pieces are created in a way that’s the least impactful on the Earth as possible. The companies on this list use either lab-created diamonds, recycled metals, or conflict-free practices.

Price of Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings: Are they Cheaper?

You’ll find that many of the wedding rings on this list are actually cheaper than rings you would find from a conventional jeweler who isn’t conscious of eco-friendly (and ethical) practices. It just generally costs less to buy a lab-created diamond, even though lab-created diamonds are in general more “perfect” in cut and color than mined diamonds.

It’s also generally cheaper to purchase recycled and secondhand metals. So really, we’re doing our part for the environment AND saving money by searching for eco-friendly and ethical wedding rings.

25 Eco-Friendly & Conflict-Free Wedding Ring Companies

1. Clean Origin

Clean origin uses lab-grown diamonds in their products, and also allows for A LOT of customization on their website. You can choose from any shape, color, and setting you can imagine to literally ‘build’ your dream ring. And it won’t come from purchasing a ‘conflict diamond’ – you can be assured of that. Check out their Hearts and Arrows Collection to really get a sense of the customization possibilities.

The other great thing about Clean Origin is that you get a 100-day money-back guarantee, so if you change your mind later on or the ring doesn’t quite fit your taste or lifestyle after all, you can get your money back!


2. Noémie

Noémie makes their jewelry from reclaimed 18K gold, conflict-free stones, and high-quality VS clarity and F-G color lab-grown diamonds. You’ll see when you check out their website that many of the rings are low-key and ‘timeless.’ They have a simple elegance to them and are definitely not going to overwhelm or outshine an outfit. For the classy, eco-friendly bride, I’d recommend Noémie.

Also, do you have a friend who’s also getting engaged or married soon? You get a $50 credit for every friend that you refer to Noémie!


3. Capsul

Capsul is based in Los Angeles, California and is made by local artisans who adhere to high environmental standards. They customize the ring that you choose and do unique engravings, including different type of Roman numeral printing that are really beautiful. You could have your names, wedding date, or whatever you want really printed on your rings. These are mostly bands, for brides that would prefer not to have a stone, but perhaps a special message on (or inside) her wedding ring instead.

Once you choose a ring, they create a 3D CAD drawing, and then a biodegradable 3D printed mold! After that, they cast your ring in the mold and if it’s plated, they use an environmentally-friendly, nickel-free process. The rings are hand-polished, using the highest quality and non-toxic materials.

Other cool things about these rings: You can have your own handwriting engraved on them (or the handwriting of your partner or another loved one), the SOUND WAVE of a voice (how cool is that?!), or a special name, date, or place. These are really unique and would make amazing wedding rings or rings for any special occasion.


4. Joie de Viv

Joie de Viv features very simple rings with small lab-created diamond stones. The bands are thin and unobtrusive and many of them under the $500 price point. For brides looking for light-weight, very simple rings, that also do NOT use earth-mined diamonds, Joie de Viv is definitely a website you should check out. They also use reclaimed 18-Karat gold and source sustainable sapphires.


5. Made Trade

Made Trade is one I talk about a lot. I love that Made Trade has products from all over the world that supports local artisans – not only rings – but every fashion product, and beyond, that you can think of. The prices are fair and the products are coming from a sustainable place. I really think that shopping on Made Trade gives you something unique and that you won’t find in the big giant wedding, bridal fashion shops or mainstream jewelry stores.

The ring pictured above is quartz crystal and under $100. It comes from a vendor in Portland Oregon. I love the idea of getting a unique, non-mainstream/non-diamond ring that is just… unexpected.


6. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is really popular and has a lot going for it, including the fact that it seems to be a bit more open and transparent than other diamond companies about its sourcing. There is a ton of information on Brilliant Earth’s website about how they used conflict-free diamonds and mostly recycled metals, and how their diamonds are totally free of unethical, unfair labor practices. I would for sure check them out.

7. James Allen

James Allen is another company that guarantees conflict-free diamonds, certifying on their website that every diamond sold is certified conflict-free in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and United Nations resolutions. 

They seem to have a huge range of engagement ring options (for men and women) in any style you can think of. They sell diamond rings online and have physical offices in New York, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

8. Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart also provides a lot of information on their website about the pros and cons of lab grown diamonds in an attempt to be as transparent as possible, which I appreciate as a consumer.

They give the lowdown on lab-created diamonds, which is that we simply don’t have a way of saying that they are definitely better than mined diamonds for the environment (or even ethically better, since they do provide work for millions of workers around the the world). The rings from Taylor & Hart are also gorgeous and they appear to have won a lots of awards and have strong customer reviews.

9. Bario Neal

The first time I saw Bario Neal wedding rings, I thought that they were really unique and interesting. Many of the settings are different from the usual or traditional diamond rings that you see, and yet they’re still really classy and just… cool looking! At Bario Neal, each ring is “designed in-house and handcrafted with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones.”

They work with the community in Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row, the oldest jewelry district in the U.S., to do hand engraving and glass enameling. Bario Neal also makes a point to mention its support for LGBTQIA rights and makes me pause when they say that they’re trying to fight the presumption of heterosexuality that pervades the wedding industry… something I need to keep in mind and try to be less guilty of myself as I write about wedding planning.

10. Fair Trade Jewellery Co.

The Fair Trade Jewellery Co. is a certified B corporation that specializes in custom jewelry and will do men’s rings as well. They have many beautiful fair trade pieces for sale online but will also take your old gold and put it towards a credit for your new design. They can also take an old stone and reset it for you into a new setting.

Note that they used diamonds mined in Canada, as well as lab-grown diamonds and other gem stones. These are not exactly eco-friendly options, but it can be argued that they are more ethical and less damaging than other diamonds mined around the world.

11. Vrai

Vrai has beautiful traditional and classic looking wedding rings made from conflict-free diamonds sourced from Diamond Foundry. They state that their diamonds are real (lab-grown) diamonds and this is apt as their name means “real” in French. Their rings are made in downtown Los Angeles and New York and can be designed to your heart’s desire.

12. Catbird

Catbird has some alternative and unusual wedding rings including this one shown above, which is a black diamond. They source their diamonds from three sources: recycled or reclaimed diamonds; lab-grown diamonds; and mined diamonds that have a Kimberly Process certification and are guaranteed conflict-free. They’re based in Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City.

13. AUrate New York

AUrate New York, as their name (AU) suggests, is a jewelry company specializing in gold. They use 100% recycled gold. Their diamonds are mined, adhering to the Kimberly Process, which is admittedly imperfect.

14. Trumpet & Horn

I feel like I should start by saying that, unlike most others on this list, these are really, really expensive rings. Like, a million times my entire wedding day budget expensive. But if you have the money, these are ethically-sourced, eco-friendly vintage engagement rings & vintage ring reproductions. They make most of their sales online but you can also visit their Los Angeles showroom.

15. MiaDonna

The story goes that the founder of Miadonna discovered that she had most likely bought a conflict diamond, and so she decided to sponsor a child abroad in a diamond mining community. Now, Miadonna continues to give a portion of profits, as well as time, through their foundation to help these communities. They make ethical and affordable lab-created diamond rings handcrafted in New York City.

16. Article 22

Article 22 sells upcycled jewelry that was famously worn and mentioned by Emma Watson on the Ellen Show in 2017. Basically, shrapnel from war is turned into beautiful upcycled jewelry by local artisans – “turning something negative into something so beautiful.”

17. Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily is a certified B corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation, selling jewelry as well as accessories. They use sustainable materials to create luxury craftsmanship. They only have a few basic statement ring options, but if that’s what you’re looking for – you can find them here for a good price and a good cause.

18. Odette New York

Odette New York designs their jewelry in their Brooklyn, New York studio and works with artisans and family run businesses in the community for our casting and manufacturing.

They use 100% SCS certified recycled metals whenever possible and are working with their casting house on a new method to recycle Brass. These are affordable and unconventional rings for a wedding.

19. Catori Life

Catori Life sells organic, earthy-looking jewelry such as the designs above. They’re really unique and beautiful. They also plant 20 trees for every piece that is purchased! This is through a partnership with The Eden Projects. An additional 1% of their sales are donated to Ocean Conservation & restoration projects through the 1% for our planet program.

20. Anueva Jewelry

Anueva is a Seattle-based company that makes jewelry from recycled gold and gemstones. For every purchase, a tree is planted through Plant-It 2020.

The gold, silver and platinum casting grain used in Anueva’s jewelry is certified 100% recycled content. They also use vintage and antique gemstones.

21. Natalie Frigo

These have to be the most different and possibly the most awesome rings on this list. Natalie Frigo makes rings that look like animals and like something out of a more magical time. If you’re more adventurous in your wedding-ring-buying, check these out.

The pieces are designed by Natalie using recycled and reclaimed metals and conflict-free gemstones.

22. Lucy & Jo

These are so simple and they only have a few designs to choose from, but I like to include even the simple styles in case it’s exactly what someone is looking for! And if so, they can find them from an eco-friendly or ethical seller.

Lucy & Jo sources from local artisans in Uganda and Kenya and donates 5% of every sale to Gorilla Doctors to help save the remaining mountain gorillas.

23. WildFawnJewellery (Etsy)

Wild Fawn Jewelry is an eco-friendly seller on Etsy with a very small ring collection, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

24. Amour Vert

Amour Vert makes simple sustainable rings from recycled materials if you’re not looking for anything too fancy or fussy! They also sell eco-friendly garments and “plant a tree for every tee” purchased.

25. Futura Jewelry

Futura Jewelry sells beautiful gold rings, either plain or leaf-patterned as shown in the photo above. These rings are made from 18-karat Fairmined Ecological gold.

That’s it! I hope you’re able to make an eco-friendly and/or ethical choice for your wedding ring! And hopefully this list both excites and inspires you! 🙂


Brittany is a writer and teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She started the website Wayfaring Weddings as a way to share her research on affordable, eco-friendly, and less stressful approaches to wedding planning.